5 August 2011

Fresh Meat Agility Drill

A fun way for fresh meat and more experienced skaters to improve their stops, falls and sprints.

 Space your skaters out around the track. As they around at pack speed, blow a whistle followed by a skill they are to perform. Encourage your skaters to focus on a quick response time, while performing the skill in a controlled fashion.

Commands include:
  • T-Stop
  • Snowplough
  • Tomohawk
  • One knee fall
  • Two knee fall
  • 4 point fall
  • 180 degree one knee fall
  • Sprint for one lap
Hot tip: To improve core strength, instruct the skaters to do 10 pushups or situps after each fall. You can also include alternating between derby direction and non-derby direction to help keep muscle development balanced.

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