22 August 2011

Hold Up

Hold up the jammer as they come through by controlling your speed and working with a partner. This is an endless jammer drill that will help keep over-enthusiastic chasers in check.

  • Split your skaters into 2 even groups
  • Group 1 will start as blockers - pair them up spaced 10 feet apart on the track
  • Group 2 start as jammers - spread them around the track, travelling at speed
The jammers goal is to get past the blockers, and continue to move at speed. The blockers are trying to keep their 'pack' nice and slow; instead of getting into the chase respond with booty blocks, speed traps, boxing in, and other techniques that allow you to control your speed while impeding the jammer's path.

The jammers will travel around endlessly through the pairs. Once the jammer is more than 10 feet in front of the foremost blocker, let them go. Do not chase. Ease up, and get ready for the next jammer. Once the jammers have been through each pair a few times, swap roles.

If you have a skater who just can't resist speeding up, using push ups/sit ups or other exercise as a consequence for losing their focus can be effective.

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