13 August 2011

Evading Can Openers

A few weeks back, I posted a how-to for killer can openers. This week, let's look at what to do when you are on the receiving end of one and how to avoid feeling the pain.

The technique: To avoid an impending can opener, swoop in the direction where the hit has come from. So, if a blocker is trying to hit you by unwinding from their left side to push you to the right, swoop your body slightly backwards and towards your left. You can either turn to swoop to the left, or jump-step in that direction for a quicker evasion. Simply put - they are trying to get in your space; but by doing so they create a skater-sized space where the came from. Take it.

The drill:
  • Pair skaters up and practice with a 'dummy blocker', who is trying to perform a can opener without adjusting their hit to try and catch the 'jammer'. Swap roles after a few minutes
  • Repeat the drill, but this time encourage the 'blocker' to try and juke the jammer or adjust their aim to land the hit, while the 'jammer' is trying to evade. Swap roles after a few minutes

1 comment:

  1. Great advice! I could have used this last month when I was can-opened unexpectedly after I thought I was clear out of the pack...I guess I shouldn't be so quick to "not expect" anything though.....haha. Great tip, thanks!