27 August 2011

Pivot Point

Learn to control your pack speed by letting one skater set the speed for the whole team.

  • Break your skaters up into groups of 4 (if the numbers don't work, have a couple of groups of 5).
  • In each group nominate a Pivot, and give them a Pivot panty. If you are short of pivot panties, you can use Jammer panties.
  • Space your groups around the track. As they travel around, the pivot is controlling their speed and each skater in their group must stay in a pack with the pivot. So, if the pivot slows down, everyone slows down. If the pivot takes off, everyone takes off.
  • After a few minutes, get the panty passed around. Continue until everyone has had a turn controlling the speed.
There are a few variations you can use to make this drill more complex, either separately or together:
  1. Put 2 teams together, with a pivot for each group. The pivots are still setting the pace for their team, but the skaters also need to keep within 10ft of a member of the other team to ensure there is a pack.
  2. Pull out one team, and get them to skate around the track in an endless jammer formation moving through the groups controlling their speed (you will need the jammer panties to be for the jammers in this variation). The pack members need to resist letting the jammer decide their speed, and continue to follow the pivot's lead.

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