14 September 2011

Situational Scrimmage

Scrimmage is an essential part of a training plan - it allows skaters to work together on the track to try out all the skills they have been practicing, test out different strategies, and learn how to work with their team. Situational scrimage takes it to the next level by giving one team a goal or tactic for each jam.

There are almost endless suggestions for what instructions you can give to a team; these are ones I have used and found to be very helpful. Only give instructions to one team at a time, to allow the other team to watch and respond accordingly.

  1. Everyone but the pivot plays defense
  2. Force the jammer out of bounds and stop to make them enter behind you
  3. Control the front of the pack
  4. Get your jammer through on the inside
  5. Aim for 3 jammer assists
  6. Push an opposing skater out of bounds 3 times
  7. Slow the pack at the start of the jam
  8. Allow the opposition to hold the front and try and force them out of play
  9. Make a wall of 3 at the front
  10. Trap one opposing player and come to a crawl
If you have any situational scrimmage suggestions that work well for you, please leave a comment to share with others


  1. other things to do,

    what happens when your Jammer is in the box

    How do you react with only two blockers on

    1. Captain Low-Blow #3315 February 2012 at 17:15

      When Your Jammers In The Box, Speed Up The Pack... I Love It When My Team Does Kill Lines !! (:

  2. I'm confused on the tenth one ????

    1. Zoom Flume Class V29 October 2012 at 18:58

      I think it is the same as "goating" a skater from the opposing team and slowing down to create an out of play situation for the opposing blockers in front.