24 September 2011

Aerobicise Derby Style

Get out your lycra, this is a warm up that will touch the heart of any lovers of the 80s! Suitable for first time skaters through to pros, this will increase stability on skates and help build and tone a wide range of leg muscles used in various stances.

  • Arrange your skaters in an aerobics class style layout - standing in rows, with approx. 1 metre spacing each way, with everyone facing you
  • Before you begin, explain that this drill is about stepping, not rolling. There will be opportunities to get vocal in this drill; the louder the better
  • Explain the motions as you are performing them with the skaters
  1. Get in derby stance, extending your arms out the the side with your elbows bent, hands pointing up - we call this 'cactus pose'. Keep the chest open and strong
  2. Take 4 steps to the right. Put your weight over the right leg, lifting your left leg with the knee bent
  3. Take 4 steps to the left. Put your weight over the left leg, lifting your right leg with the knee bent
  4. Duck down, pop up to the left, duck down, pop up to the right. Call out 'down', 'left', 'down', 'right' as you move. Repeat 5 times
  5. Touch the floor with both hands, then jump with both feet
  6. 'Grid Iron feet' - quickly lifting your feet alternatively in a wide stance (think of Grid Iron players shuffling on the spot). You want your steps to be quick and light, transferring your weight from one leg to another
  7. Lift left knee high, then right knee high. Repeat 3 times
  8. Grid Iron feet, this time being as quiet as possible. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet
  9. Grapevine 6 steps left, then 6 steps right. Stay low, try and keep your height consistent throughout the movement
This is a basic version of this drill - you can add all sorts of movements like Burpees, and repeat any elements you find particularly beneficial. For more experienced skaters, get them to focus on the action and improve their control, speed, quickness, accuracy etc.

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