17 September 2011

Stay Low

Think your derby stance is low? Get ready to get lower! Low skating can be used to reduce your legal target zones, increase your stability and make your height compact. Use it to sneak past a giant blocker, brace against a big hit or prepare for a killer can opener.

  • From derby stance, bend further at the hips, knees and ankles so your chest is resting against your knees
  • Slightly lift your chest up so your head is upright and facing forwards
  • To check you have the position correct, you will be able to rest your elbows in FRONT of your knees
To make this a drill, go through the above technique with your skaters while stationary, then spread them out on the track to do a few laps in this stance. Encourage them to try different things in this position - sticky skating, fast speed, hugging the inside line, and lateral turns to see what difference it makes for them.

A great way to incorporate this stance into every training session? Whenever you see a skater standing tall (no longer in derby stance), tell everyone to drop their butt 5cm (2 inches). And keep reminding them anytime anyone gets tall.

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