29 July 2011

Inside Outside

A great warm up to improve lateral movement, accurate aim and get the blood pumping.

If you want to work on lateral movement technique, check the Lateral Movement drill first.

  • Have all the skaters on the track, spread evenly around the track just inside the outside line. I have done this drill with 50 or so skaters at once - the more the merrier (and the more challenging!)
  • On the whistle, the skaters are to laterally cross to the inside line, skating low
  • The next whistle, the skaters move to the outside line
  • Increase the speed of the whistle to test the control the skaters have - when it gets faster you might see some position changing, some missed crosses and some collisions
  • To increase difficulty, risk and stance, have the skaters touch the lines as they move back and forth. Or have skaters do a grapevine crossover as they move from one side to the other
  • To decrease difficulty and risk, allow skaters to position themselves wherever they are comfortable and move independently of one another

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