11 June 2011

Pace Lines in Pairs

A good partner in roller derby is a valuable thing. They cover you when you leave the inside line, stay side by side with you to form a impenetrable wall, and seemingly read your mind as you change tactics. This is a simple drill to practice taking your partner with you as you navigate through the pack.

  • Skaters form a beautiful pace line traveling around the centre of the track
  • When ready, the 2 rearmost skaters make contact with one another using their hands (holding, grabbing, whatever) and weave through the pace line together, side by side
  • The pair MUST stay in contact with one another the whole time they are moving through the pace line
  • When the pair has passed 3 skaters, the next pair start their pass through
  • When a pair reaches the front of the line, in normal pace line fashion they are to control their speed and rejoin the pace line at the front
NOTE: Keeping the pace line in the centre of the track is even more important in this particular drill, because you have not one but two skaters side by side moving through the pace line. This drill will help discipline your pace lines if they tend to move towards the track lines!

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