4 June 2011

Agility Drill

Transitions and jumps are skills that open up all kinds of opportunities when used on the track. Are you performing these in training, but don't have the confidence to use them in a game? This simple drill will push you and build your confidence to make jumps, transitions and lateral movement skills you don't need to think about.

The skaters spread out evenly around the track. On the whistle, one of these commands will be given:
  • Transition
  • (Cross to) inside line
  • (Cross to) outside line
  • Hop (from one foot to the other)
  • Jump (with both feet)
Build the speed of commands as the drill continues.

To increase difficulty and teach skaters to listen and interpret whistles, you can allocate a certain number of whistle blows to each skill:
  • On 1 whistle, transition
  • On 2 whistles, cross to inside line etc.

1 comment:

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